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Make your reservation for a Videosafari with the Safari Mobil now. Space is limited! You need a valid E-Mail address, in order to reserve over the Internet. Reservations can also be made at our Base Camp.

   Reservation form (till 1h before departure)

Operating Hours Safarimobil:
Sa & Su: 11.11h - 21.30h

Routes 1-3 (each approx. 30 min.): Fr. 19.- / seat (students 15.-)
Wild Stylei (approx. 50 min.): Fr. 29.- / seat (students 25.-)

Pass for all 3 Routes: Fr. 49.- / seat (students 44.-) (ask at theSafari Mobile)

The Safari Mobile offers up to 5 seats. We guarantee the journey if at least 2 seats are booked.